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Where did all of this junk come from?

Maybe you have too much stuff? Maybe you’re moving from your residential or commercial property; you probably have furniture, appliances and other items that need to be removed or hauled away? When your home or business requires clean out & property cleanup services, Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists can remove everything you need to be off of or out of the property. In most cases, we can do the job the same day you call us. Whether it’s a foreclosure, estate property, tenant moveout, REO, attic clean out, house cleanout, garage cleanout, storage unit cleanout, or shed cleanout you have come to the right place.

We understand that cleaning out a property can be an overwhelming task. Property cleanouts can be back-breaking work, and it can seem never-ending.  This is why you should never attempt to do it yourself. Your best bet is to a hire professional cleanout service, especially if you want the job completed quickly and easily. If you live in Spring Hill, Brooksville and the surrounding areas and you need junk pick up, a house clean out or business clean out give us a call.

Maybe you’re the landlord or property owners and your renters bailed in the middle of the night and left you with the mess, or your elderly parents passed away and left you with a lifetime of treasures that you don’t want. Our intention is the same. We want you to have a junk, clutter, and trash-free property. Each trash out & property cleanup project is done with care and professionalism, and you can rest assured the job will be done thoroughly. Regardless of the size of the job, you can count on the specialists at Spring Hill Junk Removal to get it done right.

We help our clients so they don’t have to deal with removing and disposing of unwanted items from their homes and businesses. Whether there’s been an eviction, foreclosures, or passing of a family member we’ll solve the issue of junk removal for you.

Wherever you are in Spring Hill, our team will show up at your door at your appointed time ready to work. We will do a consultation and walk through to gather all of the necessary information, including any special requests. When it comes to remarkable customer satisfaction, our service is unparalleled.  ​

Junk Removal & Junk Hauling Spring Hill

Call us if you want junk removal & hauling that is easy and affordable!
Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists provide junk removal services to residents in Spring Hill, Brooksville and the surrounding areas. We are the best because we have developed effective techniques for junk pick up and junk hauling. Your junk needs to be in the hands of skilled workmen who possess the expertise to move your items efficiently. With our knowledge and competence, you can have peace of mind that your junk is disposed of properly.
Call us to schedule your junk pick up, knowing you can count on our reliable and affordable junk removal service to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We understand that when you need junk to be removed from a home or business, you want it to be done as soon as possible. When the time comes to get rid of unnecessary or broken appliances, mattresses, or sofas, our crew will remove these items out of your living or workspace. 
We are committed to only offering the best Spring Hill junk removal & hauling services.  We have the ability to move all types of furniture, appliance, or any other object you have, regardless of its condition. To get your junk moved professionally and correctly, we are the only Spring Hill junk moving business you can count on all the time. When you are wondering to yourself, “What is the top junk removal company near me?” Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists is the answer! 
We have seen the demand for dependable junk hauling services rise as the population in Spring Hill has grown by leaps and bounds over the last ten years. Our specialized junk moving experts can assist you with anything you need to get out of your home or business. For years, we have provided superior quality junk disposal service to homeowners and businesses in Spring Hill, Brooksville and Hernando County.
We have all different types of clients that have come to us for our junk removal service, and we have been able to help them with their junk. We are proud of being Spring Hill’s #1 choice when it comes a junk moving company near me.

Garage Clean Out

We’ve heard it said that the United States is one of the only countries where we keep our junk in the garage and our cars in the driveway. Our cars are exposed to the elements while our junk is safely stored away in our garage. If that’s not the truth we don’t know what is.

Why not have Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists remove the junk from your garage so you can park your car in your garage away from the harsh sun and elements?

Maybe your garage is stuffed full of junk or maybe your have just a small amount of unwanted stuff you need removed from your garage, either way we can get rid of that unwanted junk for you. We will do all the loading, hauling away, and disposing of your unwanted junk.  We just need you to tell us what you want removed or point to the items you want gone, and we will do all of the heavy lifting and hauling away. We’ll remove of all the unwanted clutter so that you can use the space in your garage to park your car. For a free garage cleanout estimate, call the experts at Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists today.

Appliance Haul Away – Mattress Removal Service

Whether you need an appliance or mattress removal service, Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists can provide exactly what you are looking for. We offer a wide variety of junk moving services in Spring Hill for both residential and commercial properties. We will get rid of everything you want gone within your desired timeframe.

We are top junk removal business in the Spring Hill area because we pay close attention to detail. We want you to have a junk-free home or business. Please note that while we remove most appliances, we are unable to remove electronics.

Regardless of the size your mattress or appliance is, we can get it out the door and off your property. Our trucks are equipped to handle any size junk removal project. We believe in going the extra mile to satisfy our clients.

Maybe you are relocating or maybe you purchased a new bed, whatever the reason you need to old one hauled off we can get the job done. We understand that no one likes clutter in or around their home or business. A clean and neat looking living or workspace makes a big difference in having peace of mind. We have a talent for junk removal and hauling.

We haven’t come across another junk removal and hauling company in Spring Hill or the surrounding area that delivers the comprehensive and skilled workmanship that you will find with Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists. We work hard to make sure that your mattress and appliance removal job is completed in a timely manner.

Our services go way beyond just removing old mattresses, refrigerators, or stoves. We offer both commercial and residential junk removal and hauling.

Appliance Removal
Mattress Removal
Junk Removal
Spa Removal
Foreclosure Cleanouts
House Cleanouts
Estate Cleanouts

When you’re planning a spring or fall cleaning, we know you want to get rid of everything you aren’t using or isn’t working.  Calling us at Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists takes the stress out of wondering how you will get rid of that huge mattress or haul broken appliances off your property to be disposed of properly, never mind having to bother friends by asking them to help you. We will take care of everything necessary to remove broken appliances, haul away old mattresses, or do a whole house cleanout, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your neat and junk-free property. If you’re planning a property cleaning in order to remove old mattresses, or if you have old couches, sofas, or anything else that you want gone, just give Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists a call and we will haul away your junk.

We can help you in coordinating every aspect of your junk removal project with our friendly customer service. We pride ourselves on continuously meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations. If you are looking for the best junk removal professionals to get unwanted items removed from your home or business, call Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists.

Furniture Removal Service

Did you purchase a new couch or mattress? A dining room table or china cabinet? More than likely you’ll need to get rid of the old furniture, call Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists, to remove your old furniture. We will set a time to come to your home or place of business to haul away what you want gone. We provide dependable furniture removal services in Spring Hill, Brooksville and the surrounding areas. We can remove both big and small furniture pieces.  If you’re remodeling your residential or commercial property, trust us to take care of your junk removal needs. Our helpful and personable staff will assist you so that you don’t have to deal with moving furniture on your own.

Our junk removal company handles all types of furniture:
Dining Room Tables

Our excellent reviews and referrals have kept our junk hauling company steadily growing. We are dedicated to performing an amazing job at all times by providing a vast array of flexible junk removal service options to satisfy our clients needs. When you need to get old furniture out of the way, call Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists.

Whether you have purchased a whole new house full of furniture and need to have to old furniture removed or your company is remodeling and the old furniture needs removed, we can get that old stuff removed from your home or business.

Hoarding Clean Up & Clutter Removal

Sometimes property owners lose track of how much stuff they have accumulated over time until it starts to clutter their home or business and cause inconveniences and safety hazards. In some cases, it may be that the person has developed a problem with hoarding. Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists have experiencing cleaning out hoarder homes, as well as severe clutter. We’re a professional junk removal service, so no matter how your home or business came to be in the condition that it is in, our job is to help you fix the issue by safely removing and properly disposing of all unwanted items. Our hoarding and clutter removal service offers trash removal as well as hauling services for large or heavy items like mattresses, appliances, TVs, and furniture. Contact Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists for timely and efficient hoarding and clutter removal service.

Clutter Removal

Clutter can impair your ability to move around freely or find important items when you need them. In severe cases, it can pose a fire hazard or harbor mold and mildew. Cleaning is important not only to the appearance of your home or business, but also for practical and health reasons. The first step towards a more manageable property is to reduce the amount of clutter. As you begin sorting through what to keep and what to toss, the amount of items that need to be disposed of may seem overwhelming. Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists offer  hoarding cleanouts and clutter removal.

Rental Property Cleanouts

If you’re a landlord, rental property owner or property manager, chances are you’ve had tenants move out on you and leave their unwanted junk behind.

If you have a property in Spring Hill that’s cluttered with junk from past tenants, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to give you a no-obligation estimate.

Here are some of the jobs we can handle for you:

  • Completely clear a property of unwanted junk left behind by tenants.
  • Haul everything away and dispose of it properly.
  • Carpet removal and disposal.
  • And much more.  Just call us and ask!

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Real Estate Professionals, house flippers, and house rehabbers, do you have a newly listed foreclosure, distressed property, short sale or REO property? 

Let Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists handle the dirty work.

Hauling away old furniture, broken appliances, trash, and other clutter is our specialty.  We know that when recently foreclosed or distressed properties change hands, there’s often a nasty mess left behind. We’ll work with you to remove all of the undesired junk, appliances, and clutter, then clean up the small debris on our way out.

As with any junk removal job, items are either recycled or properly disposed of.  

We strive to minimize any environmental impact by limiting the number of items we dump into the landfill.

Call Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists today for fast and efficient trash-out and house cleanout services We’ll do our best to respond to your property trash-out request the same day. We offer free no-obligation quotes.

Storage Unit Cleanouts

Hire us to clean out that old storage unit. Our professional team will work with you to handle all of your items, recycling or properly disposing of whatever you decide to get rid of. You’ll be surprised how at how quick and easy the process can be!

Save Money! Clean Out Your Storage Unit
Why are paying money every month to hold on to a bunch of old junk?  If paying money every month to store items you no longer use, you can save hundreds of dollars in a single year by cleaning out that storage unit and canceling your storage unit rental contract.

Perhaps your parents or another relative left you their unwanted treasures in a storage unit as part of their estate. Why not call us to clean the unwanted junk out of the storge unit?

Spring Hill Junk Removal Specialists are best option for removing those unwanted items from storage. Our team will go above and beyond to bring you the most courteous, stress-free service you’ve ever experienced.

In addition to providing the best customer service in the area, we handle all the labor, sorting, loading and hauling.

Shed Cleanouts

Cleaning out and straightening up your shed can feel overwhelming, seemingly a monumental and tiring job, but with our help, it’s easy. We offer professional shed cleanouts in Spring Hill, Brooskville, and the surrounding areas.

We’ll get rid of the trash and junk for you. No more repeated trips to the dump or taking up your valuable space with garbage bags and bins stuffed full of who knows what; we’ll take the unwanted junk out of your shed so you don’t have to. We have been working hard to relieve our customers of their junk, and our reviews are proof of our hard work.

​We even offer same-day service to our clients, so if one day you suddenly decide to clean your shed, call us and we’ll be there to remove your junk. All you have to do is show us what needs to be removed and we’ll take it from there. Your work will be drastically reduced and you and your family will get to enjoy a clean shed in no time. ​

Frequently Asked questions

What types of items can be removed with your junk removal service?

Our junk removal service can remove a wide range of items, including furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, construction debris, and more. We handle both residential and commercial junk removal needs.

How does the junk removal process work?

The process is simple! Contact us to schedule a convenient time. Our team will arrive, assess the items to be removed, provide a transparent quote, and if approved, efficiently load and haul away your junk. We strive to make the process quick and hassle-free.

Are there items you cannot remove?

While we can handle most items, there are certain hazardous materials and items with specific disposal regulations that we cannot remove. Examples include chemicals, paint, and certain electronics. Feel free to contact us for a detailed list of items we cannot dispose of.

Is your junk removal service environmentally friendly?

Yes, we prioritize environmentally responsible disposal methods. We recycle as much as possible and ensure that items are disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices sets us apart in the junk removal industry.

How is the pricing determined for junk removal?

Our pricing is based on factors such as the volume of junk, type of items, and the complexity of removal. We offer transparent and upfront pricing, and there are no hidden fees. Contact us for a free estimate tailored to your specific junk removal needs.

Contact US

Spring Hill residents can get a quote for the removal of their junk items by calling us with the details of their junk removal needs. We’re always happy to give you an estimate.  For a more exact estimate, you can request an in-person estimate free of charge. Please feel free to call us at 352-678-4578 or fill out our convenient online form and we will call you back as fast as humanly possible. 

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